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TCFD – The UK’s Roadmap to Mandatory Climate-related Disclosures

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Speaking at the Green Horizon Summit, on the 9th of November, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) outlined tighter rules on climate risk reporting in line with recommendations from the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

It was announced that all publicly listed UK companies with a premium listing will be required to report in line with the TCFD requirements in the form of a “comply or explain” approach, by 2023. These rules will be extended and further tightened following further consultation in 2025.

What is the TCFD

The TCFD was created to deliver a set of consistent comparable disclosures that companies can use to display their climate change resilience to investors and capital providers.

Unlike other reporting tools, the TCFD does not assess a company’s impact on the environment, but rather it assesses the environments impact on a company. These disclosures are aimed at ensuring climate risk is properly priced into company valuations.

What does it cover?

The TCFD recommendations covers four disclosure areas which should be included in a company’s annual financial findings.

  • Governance – the organisations governance around climate-related risk and opportunities

  • Strategy – the potential and realised impacts of climate-related risks and opportunities on the organisation’s businesses, strategy, and financial planning

  • Risk Management – the organisation’s process to identify, analyse and manage climate-related risk

  • Metrics and Targets – what an organisation uses to assess and manage climate-related risk and opportunities

For who and when?

The UK Taskforce has created a roadmap that will guide a pathway to mandatory disclosure over the next 5 years. Most action is likely to take place within the first 3 years.

This roadmap, displayed in Figure 2., illustrates how new regulatory and legislative measures could increases the coverage of TCFD over the next few years within seven categories of organisations:

  1. Listed commercial companies

  2. UK-registered large private companies

  3. Banks and building societies

  4. Insurance companies

  5. Asset Managers

  6. Life insurers and FCA-regulated pension schemes

  7. Occupational pension schemes

Next Steps

The pathway provides clarity to organisations in each of the seven categories over their potential future obligations.

Comparability between disclosures is essential, and as such, a more detailed list of expectations for disclosures is anticipated moving forward.

Preparing for TCFD

To prepare for mandatory TCFD disclosures organisations need to understand the implications specific to them. This includes:

  • Conducting a gap analysis to understand what is already being disclosed vs what is required.

  • Identifying missing data gaps and processes.

  • Reviewing scenario analysis and incorporate appropriate scenarios across the value chain

  • And integrating climate change into governance process.

*Note – overlaps exist between certain groups within the seven categories shown below.

Figure 2. Roadmaps towards mandatory TCFD-aligned disclosures for each category organisation

If you’d like to discuss the implications of climate-related disclosures further, please get in touch.


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