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Helping you define the value & impact of your business in a way that can be measured, managed and improved.

Our Services Areas

Governex help organisations manage and deliver Environmental, Social & Governance performance.

Our successful approach comprises of 6 core areas of focus.

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Strategy & Governance

Reporting & Disclosure

ESG Integration

There is no single measure for ESG. A clear strategy and demonstrable improvements carry more weight than any single certification score. An effective strategy plays to the strengths of an organisation and identifies a unique roadmap that delivers results.

Good ESG performance improves governance, risk management and understanding, and it provides transparency of value for all stakeholders.

At Governex we provide the independent insight and advice to ensure you maximise returns from your ESG strategy.

Embedding sustainability as a shared value is fundamental to any long-term ESG strategy.


Successful ESG integration requires organisation-wide buy in. This comes from both a top-down and bottom-up approach.

Governex help integrate ESG into the core of an organisations business practice through; Senior Leadership consultation, staff engagement & training, and policy review & implementation.

Organisations are increasingly deciding to, or required to, report and disclose their annual sustainability performance.


As the UK nears it's Net Zero target of 2050 this trend will continue. Statutory and mandatory reporting obligations are rapidly evolving to sit alongside voluntary reporting.

At Governex we advise on the best fit reporting frameworks and standards for your organisation and can help you streamline your reporting process. This includes assistance with - UNPRI / TCFD / SFDR / CDP / GRESB / SECR

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Social Impact

Social impact represents the impact an organisation has on its customers, communities and stakeholders. This includes creating shared value.

Measuring, improving and reporting social impact is essential for Social Enterprises and in gaining access to new markets and finance.

Governex help by providing social impact audits, gap analysis, social impact reports, and strategic change planning.

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Independent Audits, Due Diligence & Assurance

Managing risk and exploiting opportunities are a key function of organisations. This includes sustainability.

Providing assurance to others that your sustainability response is sufficient and improving to meet long-term targets is key to giving confidence to investors and customers.

Governex provides risk management support, helps organisations exploit sustainability opportunities, and undertakes independent sustainability assurance audits.

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ESG Data & Technology

Provision of reliable ESG data is becoming an essential business requirement. This is being driven by clients & investors, customers and Government.

Governex helps organisations report data appropriately into frameworks, annual sustainability reports, and Government & client questionnaires and filings.


We help organisations implement the right ESG technology for their businesses, helping them and others mark the right data-driven decisions.